Every object tells a story, and every collection carries with it the spirit and passion of the collector.

Imagine your most treasured possessions transmuted into works of art, the endless pleasure of experiencing the items you hold dearest, artistically documented and curated in a way that enables you to experience them in a new light.

Through my work you can live with and enjoy your collection every day, within your home; be it a fleet of supercars, a stable of thoroughbred horses or simply a grandfather’s watch.

Having always been fascinated by typologies and the passion and obsession of collecting, I aim to artistically and systematically record your collection so they become works of art, both individually and collectively, either as a series of large format photographs, or presented in the form of a highly personalised book, a dedicated website or even your own virtual museum and fully catalogued database.

When brought together in this way, your collection or treasured possession can be beautifully integrated into your environment, while at the same time becoming a different kind of artefact altogether: a work of art that will stand both as a living testament to your collection and as an emotive portal to all the memories carried within it.

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